Bank transfer from outside Czech Republic:

EUR account IBAN:               CZ95 0800 0000 0000 0394 9422


Account Name, Address:      ANTIUM AURUM s.r.o.

                                                   Šaldova 219/1, Prague 8

BIC:                                           GIBACZPX

Bank name, Address:            Česká spořitelna, a.s.

                                                   CBC PRAHA-SEVER/STŘELNIČNÁ 8/1680, PRAHA 8

Details of Charges - please state these charging options:

EUR Payments  within EU  and up to EUR 50.000,- („cross-border transfer“)1):               SHA

EUR Payments  from a client of  ERSTE GROUP:                                                                    SHA

Payments in other currency then EUR;  payments outside  EU;  

payments exceeding  EUR 50.000,-:                                                                                           OUR

1) Cross-border transfer – a transfer in EUR within European Economic Area (EEA) up to 50 000 EUR (limit valid for cross-border transfer only), containing a valid beneficiary bank BIC, IBAN of a beneficiary account, with charging option SHA and without any specific instruction.

Shipping and packaging fees apply  with above stated charging options. By charging options stated differently the shipping and packaging fees will be calculated on individual bases.


Bank transfer in the Czech Republic in CZK:

Account number, Bank code:              000000-0003337282/0800

Bank name, Address:                          Česká spořitelna, a.s.

                                                                 CBC PRAHA-SEVER

                                                                 STŘELNIČNÁ 8/1680, PRAHA 8

Account Name, Address:                    ANTIUM AURUM s.r.o.

                                                                 Šaldova 219/1, Praha 8


Payment Transfer by Česká pošta – Money Order A:

Account number, Bank code:  :       000000-0003337282/0800

Address:                                             ANTIUM AURUM s.r.o. 

                                                             Saldova 219/1, 186 00 Prague 8

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